exhibition Gaïa
" Lead feet " Keri Rosebraugh, 2016

mairie de paris

Gaïa exhibition Julia Rajacic
24 artists from the Gaïa exhibition


Eco-exhibition exploring through a selection of 24 international artists, the relation between women and the environment protection.


"Gaia" reveals a new perspective on Art and Environment. If contemporary creation has deeply addressed the issue of ecology on one hand, and of women’s condition on the other, no exhibition has combined those two issues yet.

The show gives the opportunity to artists from all around the world to respond, using their own mode of expression, the following questions:

What specific role women play in the struggle against climate changes?

How climate changes influence women's condition in particular, and our human identities in general?

To what extent women's changing role in today's society can have an impact on the environment?

How artists, throughout their practice, can have an impact on the ecological crisis?