gender & freedom

Belgrade International Triennal of Expanded Media

Curator Julia Rajacic selection Gender and Freedom
"Deuil" Damien Rouxel

At the occasion of the 4th edition of the Belgrade Extended Media Triennial, Julia Rajacic has been invited by the artist and organizer Maja Beganovic to present a selection of  her own.


This year, the Triennial will focus on the triangle of the artist’s initiative and will gather hundreds of artists coming from all around the world. The curator, who has been recently centered her researches on Gender and Intersectionality, has selected five French artists questioning the notion of freedom within the identity quest.



Luce de Tetis is a sculptor and performer using ancient myths to  explore the thorny dialectic male - female and the disruption of the muse-genius roles, throughout the figure of the Mâle-aimé.


Bérengère Lefranc’s life and work are deeply embeded. The visual designer invite the public through her personnal experiences to experiment unusual situations, often full of humour and playing with the definition of modern feminity.


As an artist, Karine Morel  works with felt drawing and photography. Her fairy and innocent universe embrace deeper question such as the the influence of media on the contruction of our identity, as well as the role of traditions and religion in the physical as well as mental integrity of women.


Anne-Cécile Surga is a sculptor using marble as her primary medium. She express herself in a neoclassical style, to adress more contemporary questions, such as the freedeom within the definition of women’s identity.


As a young visual artist, Damien Rouxel explores the limits of human methamorphosis through photographies series and performances. He is particularly interested in the construction of the gendered identity, that he sees through the prism of his social environment: the agricultural world.


Almost one half century after the 1st wave of feminist art, this selection will also be the occasion to question the way artists are managing this heritage, between continuity and disruption. 


The Triennial organized by Ulus will take place from December 15th to January 15th at the Art pavillon Cvijeta Zuzoric.


The curator, as well as most of the artists will be present during the triennial opening, and will take part to artist talks on 17th and 18th December.


The exhibition is part of the 1208 project aiming at creating a dialogue among Serbian and French artists.