fuorisalone del mobile 2022

MU, 無  Sensorial Temple 


MU, 無 is an invitation to spiritual connection through the experience of a sensual journey, the stimulation of all our sensual doorways. 


The artist Ambre Cardinal invites each guest to connect at its own pace to this immersive installation that plays on the porosity between the environment and our interiority. Mu, 無 emphasizes the coexistence of being inside a space and being inside oneself. It offers a place where one could indulge ourself to simply be. 


Ambre Cardinal is an artist and jewelry designer that reflects the movement and shape of the human body. Inspired by the purity of Nature, Cardinal's creations are a journey embracing the timeless alliance of soul and flesh. She builds her poetic universe around sensual purity and aesthetic force between Paris and Tokyo. 


The Sensorial Temple opens up onto Yogis, a series of floating sculptures. Those kinetic mobiles gently flirting with the air flow and the guests’ motions are uncovering an all-connected realm where Art, Human and the Environment are all sharing the same vibrating field. 


The journey continues into a ceremony where the charnel temple is celebrated by a personalized jewellery selection based on the body unique wave. The jewellery line carries ergonomic poetry at its core and harmony as its aspiration, offering structure, volume and elegance to the human body. 


Mu is an immersive experience curated by Julia Rajacic.


It takes place at Jardino gallery, a cocoon of Nature and Art located between Lambrate & Design District and Nolo. 


The sensorial temple will open its door during the Salone del Mobile 2022, from 7th to 12th June.