French-Serbian curator interested in the themes of identity and intersectionality. At the heart of her curatorial approach is the aspiration to bring to life moments of contingent gatherings between several universes, all in an orchestrated indiscipline. Julia Rajacic encourages dialogue among artists, public and institutions by stimulating a collective artistic emulation. Through the creation of Off-Sites projects, she is aiming at highlighting an underrepresented scene, towards a sometimes forgotten audience. Each show is a unique opportunity for a common experience, where the magnitude of the artworks is enhanced by a multi-dimensional dialogue in resonance with the territory.


Through multicultural exhibitions, the curator is also looking for exchanges among artists and for the creation of a collective artistic emulation.


The curator lives and works between Paris and Milan. She is at the origin of the nomadic exhibition Gaia, that explores the links between Gender and Ecology throughout the figure of Mother-Earth. In 2016 she was appointed co-curator of the Belgrade International Triennial of Expanded Media.

A cosmo for Gaïa Vegetal collective artwork at Paris cityhall, March 2016