espace de songe - french institute & embassy of republic of korea

Taegon Kim fiber optique installation the dress
Dress, Sculpture en fibre optique, Taegon Kim

Julia Rajacic has been invited at the occasion of the 8th edition of "Les Merveilleuses Vitrine", an exhibition program hosted every year by the French Institut in Serbia. For this project, the curator selected two French-Korean artists Jisook Min and TaeGon Kim.


Both artists wanted to bring to life a visual reflexion based on the imagination and the passage of time. The idea is to explore the borders between several worlds: imaginary and real world, Inside and Outside, Presence and Absence. The project is hence an invitation to the viewer to enter an imaginary instant. This journey will happen through the serie of 4 installations whose appearance will permanently change throughout moment of the day and night.

Artiste Jisook Min installation Un espace de songe
Espace de songe, Installation, Jisook Min