solo un ricordo - istituto di culturo italiano

Matteo Girola is an Italian artist exploring the mutations of photography in an era saturated with images and shaped by social media. For his first exhibition in Belgrade, the artist invites the public to a travel into space and time, from the origins of photography to its contemporary use, unveiling the social and anthropological revolution originated by the medium.


Through a minimalism of intervention and a poetic playfulness unique to Girola, the show offers us Just a souvenir of the era when photography was still an unexplored territory, and when surreality didn't take over reality.


Graduated in Painting and Photography at the Brera Academy of Fine Art, the Milan-based artist has since then developed a freedom moving from one medium to another, playing with the confines among photography, painting, writing, and more recently multimedia installation, often in a metalinguistic approach. Girola's works have been exhibited in different museums and galleries in Italy and abroad (Milan Museum of Contemporary Photography, Cultural Center and Fine Arts- Istanbul, Fondazione FORMA, Miami Beach Regional Library - Florida USA,...) and has been selected by several renowned photography prizes (Premio Combat Prize 2016- jury special mention, Premio Francesco Fabbri per le Arti Contemporanee, Premio Città di Treviglio).


The exhibition is hosted by the Italian Cultural Institute of Belgrade, whose mission is to broadcast Italian culture in Serbia. The event takes place in the context of the 3rd edition of the Belgrade Photo Month, a festival aiming at promoting photography in Belgrade since 2016.