Biennale di Venezia " The milk of Dreams " : why is it so special and what you shouldn't miss
02. May 2022
An insight from the 59th edition of the Venice Biennale that opened last weekend

23. February 2020
Second part of the Nudist Tour experience narrated by curator Julia Rajacic

07. February 2020
Curator Julia Rajacic relates her memories of a nudist tour experience at PAC Milano.

11. December 2019
As the curator of the eco-exhibition Gaïa, I am honored to announced that the travelling show has been selected for the purpose of an interesting environmental psychology research on climate change art.

16. August 2017
While we still recovering from the emotions of La Grande Madre at the Palazzo Reale, curator Massimiliano Gioni returns with a new ambitious and striking exhibition.